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Old and dilapidated roofs not only look bad, they can be dangerous. Age and exposure can lead to dislodged tiles and an unstable surface. The holes and gaps that form in poorly maintained roofs can also cause leaks in your house. At New Ridge Roof Restoration we think that a roof should help keep the weather out, not let it in. Our friendly team offers reliable and long-lasting services for roof restorations in Knox, complete with a 10-year workmanship guarantee. Once completed your roof will be safer, contribute to a more energy efficient property and is sure to catch more than one eye in the neighborhood.

Roof Painting Knox

Looking for a quote on a roof painting or roof restoration in Knox at a competitive price? Then look no further than New Ridge Roof Restoration, one of the leading specialists in Melbourne roof repair. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0439 931 138 and chat to one our knowledgeable staff.

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New Ridge Roof Restoration have helped knox residents gain trust in their roofs since 1999.

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