Have you noticed that you roof does not look as good as it used to? Committed to updating the style, condition, and life of roofing structures across Melbourne the talented and detailed team at New Ridge Roof Restoration are the experts you can trust! Since opening our doors in 1999 we have travelled far and wide throughout the metro area to keep the weather from affecting the durability of our customer’s properties.

As a locally-based company, New Ridge Roof Restoration know just how intense the local environment and weather can be. Constantly exposed to events such as high winds, pelting rains, and UV radiation, even the strongest roof can begin to show signs of stress. With our personalised roof restoration and repairs Knoxfield residents can regain confidence in the durability of their roof.

Roof Painting Knoxfield

Refresh the style and appearance of your roof thanks to the team at New Ridge Roof Restoration. evenly applied and available in wide range of eye-catching colours our roof painting helps Knoxfield locals and beyond improve the condition and quality of their homes. For more information about our exceptional roof improvement services call us directly on 0439 931 138.

In addition to Knoxfield, we also provide services in KeysboroughNarre WarrenRingwoodBerwick and surrounding suburbs.

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