Valley replacement

With almost 20 years of firsthand experience working in and around Melbourne’s metropolitan region the passionate and fully-qualified team at New Ridge Roof Restoration are on-hand to help you enjoy the benefits of a flawless and strong roof. With constant exposure to extreme weather conditions roofs can deteriorate over time, leaving the interior of your home open to costly water and environmental damage.

As a part of our complete roof restoration solutions the experts at New Ridge can seamlessly repair and replace cracked and crumbling cement and mortar. Necessary for safely channelling rainwater and debris from the roof and into the attached guttering roof valleys can experience spot rusting gradually over time, not becoming an issue until long after the deterioration has begun. Using galvanised steel the team at New Ridge can securely and completely install valley replacements promptly and personalised to suit the design and shape of your home’s roof.

To find out more about the outstanding benefits of our exceptional roof restoration and improvement solutions call our team today on 0439 931 138.