You need high pressure cleaning to rid of stubborn dirt. Our pressure cleaning will eliminate all stubborn stains and algae. All Tile Cleaning provides services for the exterior tile cleaning.  Water jets are not enough to clean hard surfaces. The use of chemicals reduces the use of water and high pressured jets can damage the surface. We only use biodegradable chemicals to wash away stubborn stains.

High Pressure cleaning will keep the surface cleaner for a longer duration. Please note that different surface areas need different forms of cleaning. It is vital to have an in-depth knowledge of the material and the characteristics of its deterioration process. It is therefore important to hire a professional pressure cleaner to do the right thing. A professional will identify the type of stains and contamination while suggesting the right manner of cleaning required.


High pressure-cleaning

Removes dirt, moss and old paint. Prepares the surface for painting to ensure a high quality finish.