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At New Ridge Roof Restoration it is our ambition to provide residents living across Melbourne’s extensive metropolitan area with superior, flawless, and detailed roof repairs and restorations. Personalised to suit the particular style of roof installed on our customer’s property we can make your roof look better than ever.

Often overlooked, the condition and appearance of your roof can add value to your home and be the element that ties all the separate design components of the property together. Neatly capping off the space underneath the roof’s edge the gutter fascia is a subtle addition that adds untold visual wealth to your home.

Exposed to extreme wet and dry conditions over the life of its installation gutter fascia can experience rot, discolouration, and other forms of deterioration that can have a follow-on effect to the guttering and the base of the roof. To help prevent you from facing expensive repair costs down the line the skilled and attentive team at New Ridge Roof Restoration can complete gutter fascia replacements to suit your tastes in design and colour. Fully-qualified in replacing timber gutter fascia we are the team you can trust for fast and focused solutions. Call us today on 0439 931 138 to book in our team to work on your roof.